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Dr. Ryan Rowenhorst, D.C

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Dr. Ryan grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He was one of three brothers who were all competitive swimmers. The Rowenhorst family all utilized chiropractic care from a young age and all three brothers went on to become Doctors of Chiropractic. Dr. Ryan attended the University of Oklahoma, majoring in Health and Exercise Sciences. He then moved to Colorado to fulfill a dream of living and working in the mountains. After time spent as a whitewater rafting guide and traveling the world, he returned to school at Parker University where he received a Doctorate of Chiropractic, and met his wife, Dr. Jackie.

Dr. Ryan is one of five Chiropractors in his family, making Chiropractic and natural health a huge part of his life. He is fascinated by the bodies inborn ability to maintain health and to heal itself naturally, and he values his ability to impact his patient’s lives for the better. From that point, he knew that he would become a Chiropractor in Erie to help others. Dr. Ryan utilizes many chiropractic techniques in his office to better his patient’s heath and believes that Chiropractic is a key aspect to an overall healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Jackie Rowenhorst, D.C

dr jackie

Dr. Jackie grew up in El Paso, Texas. She was raised in a household that held natural healthcare in the highest regards. Dr. Jackie attended The University of Texas in El Paso where she studied microbiology and later received her Doctor of Chiropractic at Parker University in Dallas, Texas. Dr. Jackie has received many other degrees and certifications that she utilizes in her career as a chiropractor including a certification in acupuncture, bachelor’s degrees in microbiology, anatomy, health, and wellness.

Dr. Jackie is passionate about modern, gentle chiropractic care that promotes effective results. When Dr. Jackie is outside of the office, she enjoys spending time with her husband, Dr. Ryan, and two daughters, Rylan and Penny. Dr. Jackie can be found in the kitchen trying new recipes, traveling the world to experience new cultures and camping in the mountains. She is the go-to Chiropractor in Erie CO.

“Rowenhorst Family Chiropractic treats patients of all ages, from pregnant mothers to newborn babies and long into old age. It is well known that maintaining a healthy nervous system throughout your life allows your entire body to function at a higher level and deal with the many stresses of our environment more effectively.

Both Dr. Jackie and Dr. Ryan have a passion for treating children and infants to ensure they can grow up in state of vitality and health.

Dr.’s Ryan and Jackie belong to a large family of Chiropractors. They are two of five chiropractors that utilize the title of Dr. Rowenhorst, making chiropractic a center point of their lives both professionally and personally. They both love to share their passion of natural health, and the belief that your health truly comes from the inside out, if given the chance to thrive. Dr.’s Ryan and Jackie were married in the summer of 2016 and have since had 2 beautiful young daughters.

They are highly involved with the community and are excited to continue into the future as contributing members of Erie, Colorado.”

Future Phenom (5 times) & Top 15 Chiropractors Nationwide (within first 5 years of practice)


You will have a 1 on 1 visit with the doctor to discuss your health concerns and the reason for your visit.

After your initial health consultation, we’ll perform a complete & comprehensive chiropractic exam.

A series X-rays may be needed to allow us to clearly determine a proper care plan. X-Rays provide us with an objective diagnostic tool that will show us the position of the spinal bones, as well as the quality of the spine and safety of adjusting it. We also use X-rays to determine how long a spinal condition has been developing.

Report of Findings
Your report of findings will be scheduled the day after your Initial Consultation. This will allow for your doctor to study your exam findings, at which point we will share the results that we found with you. You may invite anyone in your family to accompany you, if you choose. Your Report of Findings includes a detailed analysis of what you need in order to solve the problem that brought you into our office and what can be done in order to assure that it won’t happen again. We consider your current lifestyle choices, goals for the future and challenges that are standing in your way. This is why our recommendations are extremely comprehensive and have the chance to be the solution that you have been seeking to find.

Our entire staff strives to keep waiting times to a minimum, so we ask that all patients be prompt for their appointments so we can stay on track. Your adjustments will be given by the doctor, then anything else done during that visit will depend on the doctor’s recommendations. Stretching, exercise instruction, or other advice, may be given as part of the doctor’s plan for you. Questions are not only welcomed, they are encouraged. Knowledge is power.

We consistently update and customize your wellness programs. The foundation for our overall health is based on proper spinal alignment, nutritious foods, regular exercise, high quality supplementation and a variety of stress relief techniques.

rowenhorst chiropractic


Kevin O.
If you want a chiropractor that cares about you and your family and will go above and beyond to help you maintain your health, then look no further. You will not be disappointed! My family and I love them, and as a mechanic who can have some serious back pain, they have been a blessing to me. We HIGHLY recommend them!
Karra V.
If I could do 10 stars I would! This team is amazing, everyone is very kind and professional. I highly recommend them! I started seeing Dr. Ryan at the beginning of my pregnancy and he helped me through headaches/migraines and my baby being transverse (sideways). I feel amazing! The last 9 months would have been miserable without their help.
Hannah D.
We've been going to Rowenhorst Chiropractic for over a month now and have nothing but wonderful things to say about them! I had a significant whip-lash injury from nearly 9 years ago and have dealt with chronic headaches ever since. I've seen many different chiropractors, but none of them are as gentle and precise as the doctors are here. I'm so happy to be feeling normal again. They've also made it incredibly easy for me with bringing my three little ones in for my appointments. They're super helpful with my kids while getting adjusted. I've never been anywhere where they cater to families like they do here. I've also had them adjusting my 2 year old daughter now who was having a lot of sinus issues and she's doing amazingly better and loves going to see "Dr. Jackie." We're so happy to have found this gem of a chiropractic office.
Courtney S.
I’ve only been going to this office for a couple weeks now and I can already tell a difference in my back. My first impression was very pleasant and continues to be with every visit. Samantha is such a sweetheart with an inviting smile. Dr. Ryan is a great doctor! He adjusts in a way that is effective and efficient without being forceful.
Angie J.
Dr Ryan has been wonderful to work with! I initially went in for myself, a scoliosis patient but decided to bring all my kids in as well. Dr Ryan took x-rays and gave us a treatment plan and even adjusted it to fit within my budget. His methods are gentle and address specific issues, which are often somewhat different every time. We all have noticed how much better we feel and are confident that he takes thought into the treatment he gives.
Claire W.
Rowenhorst Family Chiropractic was so welcoming to me after the birth of my son. I had terrible neck pain (resulting from previous jaw surgery and exacerbated by breastfeeding posture), which was immediately relieved and only continued to get better. I have seen several chiropractors and Dr. Ryan has consistently given the best neck adjustments. Dr. Ryan and Dr. Jackie were both so kind and sweet with my baby boy; they started his adjustments within a week after he was born, and I was always so comfortable with him in their hands. Absolutely recommend this practice!
Janelle H.
I highly recommend Rowenhorst Family Chiropractic! They are an awesome husband and wife team who use an amazing technique! They fixed my back when I could barely walk, and now they keep me and my spine in a healthy state. They genuinely care about their patients and their community, we just love them to pieces 🙂
Fernanda O.
Dr. Ryan is an amazing chiropractor. He is helping my son so much with his knee issues. I have started going to him for my migraine headaches and it has helped so much I am almost headache free. We have had a great experience. He is very kind, compassionate, and professional. Kayla who always greets us by name when we enter the office is always so kind and helpful in making our visit great. I highly recommend Rowenhorst Family Chiropractic.
Amy R.
I have been seeing Dr. Ryan and Dr. Jackie for over 3 years and they have helped me through my last 2 pregnancies and recovery. I have always had trouble with my back and experienced lower back and hip pain during pregnancy— so much I had a hard time even sitting down! But through comprehensive treatments at Rowenhorst Chiropractic, I was able to stay active through both pregnancies! And successfully carried my twins to 38 weeks with very little pain! Even now, my whole family regularly sees the chiropractors to maintain our health. My babies all have slept through the night early, which I attribute to the care they receive here. Love this practice!
Clemencia Ceballos
Clemencia Ceballos
Dr Jackie and Dr Ryan are amazing doctors! I'm very lucky to know such wonderful people!
Portia Buchanan
Portia Buchanan
The Rowenhorst Family provides a warm and caring environment. The healing I have experienced is amazing.
Christina Clark
Christina Clark
I can not put into words how wonderful Dr Jackie and Dr Ryan are! I was experiencing terrible hedaches from a head injury and after only a couple of visits I had relief. I continue to see them on a regular basis to keep me feeling great.
allyssan carrillo
allyssan carrillo
I have been taking my two children to get adjusted by Dr. Jackie and Dr. Ryan. They are patient and caring towards my kids. They love getting adjusted.
Ewing Leticia
Ewing Leticia
Amazing healing for my wrist and plantar fasciitis. I sleep so well after an adjustment. Thank Dr. Ryan and Dr. Jackie. You truly are amazing!
Cesar Uribe
Cesar Uribe
I've always had back problems, I've tried different things but getting adjusted regularly helps. I always feel better when I get adjust.
Alicia Novotny
Alicia Novotny
I can’t say enough great things about this practice. They have helped us with so many different things that I may not even remember some of them. From fertility to pregnancy adjustments, to helping my newborn daughter recover from reflux and torticollis, to my issues with plantar fasciitis, sleeping and allergies I have relied on them to help me in times of need and they have always been able to fix us! My husband is a farrier and he cannot do his job correctly and without pain without Rowenhorst adjustments. We sadly had to move away and have not been able to find anyone near as effective as these wonderful people and its been a year and a half of trying. We are lost without them. Not to mention they are kind and extremely caring, they are the whole package! We miss you guys!!!!! XOXO
Ashton Van Heemst
Ashton Van Heemst
I had a vertebra out of alignment that left me in severe pain. Dr. Ryan and Dr. Jackie worked with me to be pain free and continue to work! Every visit I got a warm welcome and they were extremely flexible with scheduling future visits!
Lauren Rowland
Lauren Rowland
Dr Jackie and Dr Ryan have expertly cared for our family for years - treating us through pregnancy, postpartum, newborn stage, infants, toddlers/preschoolers, as well as injury based care for us as adults and regular treatment for day-to-day wellness benefits. Highly recommend for whole family care.
Jennifer Miller
Jennifer Miller
The kindest doctors you will ever find. They explain everything clearly and we are always greeted with a smile. We are so thankful that we got a second opinion from Dr. Ryan and that he can help our daughter.



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